hall and stairs

Arturas and his team are exactly what you would hope for

Arturas and his team are exactly what you would hope for, from a building contractor; efficient, clean and high quality workmen.

Having received a quotation from LA Building, we agreed a start date and the work commenced on time at 8am as discussed. The wall came down very quickly with all of the required structural support in place, Arturas remeasured the area to make sure with the old adage of "measure twice, cut once" for the steel. Unfortunately the project was slightly delayed due to the Council inspector stipulating deeper and wider foundations than the original structural drawings had depicted. However, once back on track Arturas' team proceeded to put the metal work in place, plasterboard and "make good" the entire area in a matter of days (even working to 10pm over the weekend we were away to get the job done).

Small details such as ensuring all light switches and plug sockets matched the height of all existing points were all covered off. They left the flat relatively spotless and have worked hard to give us our kitchen, lounge and dining area back as quickly as possible. As my first experience of building work, in my first eight weeks of owning my own house, I could not have asked for a better team and would happily recommend them to anyone, as well as keeping them on file to use in the future. A final point which all builders could learn from LA Building - when I mentioned the location of mugs/milk/teabags for breaks, Arturas replied; "We don't really do that..."